David Cochard

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Websites :
http://deko.apshram.net/new/studio_test/   La Haute Roche

Special skills :
Charater designing, versatility of styles, doing cute drawings for good looking waitresses.



Manga lettering :
Lettering of Ah! My Goddess, Devil Devil, Bleu Indigo, Negima (7 and 8), Goth, etc...
To be published : Booking Life and Hana to mitsubashi.

Illustrations :
Board games, novel covers, posters, logos, greeting cards, character design (cartoons, advertising), illustrations and covers for Sciences & Vie, Sciences & Vie Junior, Casus Belli (roleplay magazine, TéléStar (TV magazine), Addiactive (cosmetic industry), Chromatiques, Festival du film de Paris, Renault, Le Gan (insurances), Le Crédit Mutuel (bank), and free, some drawings to environment associations (Friends of the Earth, Bank track.org, etc..) and so on.

Comics :
Short stories (La petite abeille, Yoko). just for the fun in my old and outdated website

Cartoons/vidéos/advertisement :
Character Design, Bibles, Story-boards, modelsheet, lipsynch and expression sheets of Le Piaf (© Dan Salel) and Waldo (Cologne Cartoon), not to mention all the nevere appeared drafts.
Somme video animation for Le Gan, Renault, TDF, Universal, etc...

Sculptures :
Le Piaf, Addiactive...

Lettering of the famous Ah! My Goddess, of Kosuke Fujishima (what an artist!!!)

Lettering of the famous Negima, of Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina?s author (a hell of a job!)

From 1995 to 2000, I worked for Dan Salel, owner of ?Le Piaf? character, famous in France I?ve drawn thousands of greeting cards, several playing cards games, story-boards, cartoons bibles, sculptures, and also creating new characters, and animating others (Waldo, for Cologne cartoons)?

Cover of Key Largo game (Tilsit editions)

Cover of Sherwood game (Tilsit editions)

One of the playing cards of the game above (Sherwood) featuring Alan Dale, the troubadour amongst theRobin?s merry men.
Brush, pen, Magic Color, Photoshop

One of the playing cards of the game above (Sherwood) featuring Marianne, the pure love of Robin
Brush, pen, Magic Color, Photoshop

Cover of Poney Club game (Tilsit editions).

One of the playing cards of the game above (Poney Club) featuring one of the Poney the kids can ride.
Brush, water colours (Winsor & Newton), Photoshop

Scientific illustration for Addiactive.
CorelDraw, Photoshop

Color pencils and Photoshop.
Illustration for Addiactive

Color pencils and Corel Photopaint.
Illustration for Addiactive

Kolinsky brush, Magic Color inks, and Photoshop.
Illustration for Addiactive

Flash illustration for Addiactive

Directly painted on Photoshop.
A wedding cards for ones of my best friends

Pencil 2b, colors on Photoshop.
Draft for a never shooted clip of Souchon's son

Kolinsky Raphaë brush, pen, ink (Magic Color).
Colors : Photoshop.
Draft for a comics never published

Kolinsky Raphaë brush, pen, ink (Magic Color).
Draft for a comics never published

I?ve created hundreds of penguins for the former Animeland website.
I?ve also drawn the 10th birthday Animeland cover, something I?m very proud of, because I?m the only non Japanese cover guy in those ten years.
Pencil, Photoshop.

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